Saturday 8 November

By Daisy Williams

The Australia Quiz champion knows a thing or two, especially about a great competition, so it’s no surprise he says the Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games competition is one of the best.

Three time Australian Quiz champion, Issa Schlutz, won the individual section of trivia today, finishing on an impressive score of 105 out of a possible 120.

Schlutz commended the Games, which debuted trivia this year, on the professionalism and how seamless the event was run along with the entertaining manner it was conducted.

“It was thrilling, exciting, competitive,” he said.

Schlutz who specializes in history and literature also appreciated the variety of questions and that he was still challenged by some, including what jersey does Wellington Super Rugby team wear and identifying Ella Fitzgerald’s singing voice.

Today Schlutz beat competitor Ross Evans, who finished third and also stole the Australian title off him in 2012, but says it isn’t in spite and it’s always extremely volatile.

“They are very intelligent men, it’s so much fun,” says Schlutz.

The 2016 Jupiters Pan Pacific Master Games is absolutely going to be seeing Schlutz again and he is hoping for more competitors to join him.

“Just give it a go, there is a question for everyone,” he says.

“So many think they can’t do it, but in this sport no one looks like a fool!”

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