Scott Prince brings schoolboys team together to master touch once again

Twenty years later Mt Isa’s North West Stars ‘schoolboys’ team is still together.

The Stars, who include rugby league international Scott Prince, are competing at their third Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games (JPPMG).

Dad and daughter are touch royalty

As the touch tournament comes to a close for this year’s Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games (JPPMG), there are few prouder people on the sidelines of the Paul Eggers International Touch Fields at Owen Park, than Paul Eggers himself.

Scott Prince and the North West Stars shine in touch football

Former Australian NRL great Scott Prince has returned to participate in his second Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games this year with touch football team North West Stars. Scott said the 35+ division men’s team was formed in 2012 from a nostalgic memory of when the team played together as North-West Queensland high school students.

Ray still in fine touch after all these years

Ray ‘Bullet’ Lawrence had to live up to his nickname at this year’s Pan Pacific Masters Games (3 – 11 November) as he darted between athletics, golf and touch competitions as well as driving the team bus for Sydney Blue …

Great Barrier Reef Masters Games is all the hype

Sporting locals from Cairns in Queensland were out in force at the Pan Pacific Masters Games (3 – 11 November) touch football competition finals at Owen Park today as they gear up for their own masters competition in August next …