Dual transplant recipient leaps into her first Pan Pacs

Victorian Calisthenics exponent Sonia Chapple is headed to her first Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast (4-13 November 2022) thankful she’s not the founding member of a very exclusive club. “I had a liver transplant 10 years ago, a pancreas transplant six and a half years ago and there was talk at one stage that I might need a kidney transplant,” Sonia said.

Show must go on for Westcoast Calisthenics Club

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, there’s no stopping Geelong-based Westcoast Calisthenics Club from giving it their all in preparation for the Pan Pacific Masters Games to be held on the Gold Coast on 6-15 November

These girls are glamour, glitz and gold

A family force brought a tidal wave of applause on the second day of calisthenics at the 2016 Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games (JPPMG).

Not just a song and dance for gold medal performances

Calisthenics has twirled into action at this year’s Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games, with Melbournians Rebecca Holman and Megan Night dancing to the top in the under 35 duets competition. The pair were overjoyed to win gold in what is a highly entertaining and highly disciplined art form.

Calisthenics is marching towards a future as bright as their sequins

It may be a surprise to some that calisthenics, which incorporates dance, marching, club swinging, and theatrics into one sparkling and highly disciplined sports craft, is as uniquely Australian as Australian Rules Football.

Hard work behind the glitz and glamour of calisthenics

Behind the glitz and glamour of calisthenics lies Margaret Lewry, designing every costume, selecting every piece of music, choreographing every move and raising thousands of dollars. Lewry has been a lifetime calisthenics enthusiast, beginning at the age of three and coaching for the last 25 years.

Participants impress judges in leaps in bounds

Despite 60 years of experience and hundreds of adjudications, the judges at this year’s Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games calisthenics duos competition are still extremely overwhelmed and astonished by the standard of its competitors.

Calisthenics dances its way into the Pan Pacs

The word calisthenics is a Greek word that translates to beauty and strength. And that is something the women at the first-ever calisthenics competition at a Pan Pacific Masters Games demonstrated on Thursday at the Gold Coast Arts Centre. Adelaide’s …