Kiwi duo dig for gold on the sand

New Zealand women’s beach volleyball pair Fijoa have taken gold in their first ever outing in the women’s 50+ beach volleyball competition at the Pan Pacific Masters Games.

Dream beach volleyball duo back for tilt at more Pan Pacs gold

When best friends Nic Arena, 57, and Goran Duspara, 59, aren’t drinking a cold beer together they’re winning gold medals in beach volleyball at the Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast.

Master has Commonwealth Games hopes

Australian beach volleyball representative Justine Mowen is aiming to use the Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games as a stepping stone to the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018.

Come and play beach volleyball in paradise

38-year-old former national player and coach Shanon Zunker lives and breathes beach volleyball and wants others to jump on board and get involved

Ageless bikini babes bring a cheeky side to beach volleyball

The Ageless over 50s women’s beach volleyball team are having a blast both on and off court, as they hit the beach hard during the day, and party hard during the night. With players from all over the country, the team has only been playing together since the beginning of the tournament, but they’ve already embraced one another whole heartedly.

Darwin Geckos go wild at beach volleyball

This team from the Territory a.k.a. Darwin Geckos, have been attending the Masters Games for almost 10 years. It’s now a tradition among the group of friends who have established a great routine.

A spike in injuries won’t block ‘Still Walking’

This European beach volleyball union is ‘Still Walking’ and while they can walk, they will play. Alwyn ‘Whitey’ White and Romano ‘Snowman’ Fracassini have come over from Western Australia to give our local guys a run for their medals.

Cook serves up praise for beach volleyball masters

Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist Natalie Cook returned to the Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games today after her role as ambassador for the Games in 2012. Cook is delighted to see some 14,000 competitors participating in the Games this year and said she is enjoying the Games Village festivities.

Volleyball ace digs in for the win

Olympian Matt Grinlaubs is digging into this week’s beach volleyball competition at the Jupiters Pan Pacific Masters Games. Getting back into the swing of things is an easy feat for the 2000 Sydney Olympics star.

Debuting Darwin team starstruck in opener

Imagine stepping onto the beach volleyball court to play your first ever competitive match and staring at you through the net is a five-time Olympian. That was the shock for Darwin team Pen & Shazz today at the Pan Pacific …