Pan Pacific Masters Games set for unexpected 2021 return

When the 2020 Pan Pacific Masters Games were cancelled in June, we gave our stakeholders and supporters an undertaking that we would evaluate the idea of a 2021 edition of the Pan Pacific Masters Games. That evaluation has been finalised.

The evaluation has revealed stories of struggle and hardship from our stakeholders seriously impacted by COVID-19 and not having an event in 2020. Many of our sports partners who rely on the Pan Pacific Masters Games to provide economic benefits every two years are in dire financial situations due to the loss of the event in 2020. Many supporters and stakeholders are battling for survival, just like us.

  • We understand the impacts on our supporters and stakeholders of a four year gap from the last Games in 2018 to the next scheduled Pan Pacific Masters Games in November 2022, would be significantly negative


  • We understand the impacts of a 2021 Pan Pacific Masters Games on our supporters and stakeholders would be significantly positive


  • We understand there would be competing impacts in 2021 from a New Zealand Masters Games in February, a Great Barrier Reef Masters Games in May, and a Perth based Australian Masters Games in October


  • We understand some of our fellow Masters Games with whom we have enjoyed friendly and productive relationships over many years would prefer we did not have a 2021 Pan Pacific Masters Games


  • We understand a 2021 Pan Pacific Masters Games would disappoint some participants who will be forced to make difficult choices in which Masters Games they support


  • We understand personal circumstances and choices would force some participants to forgo a 2021 Pan Pacific Masters Games


  • We understand our local and state government partners have a strong desire to support a 2021 event


  • We understand our host sports organisations support a 2021 event to remain viable


  • We understand that hosting a 2021 edition of the Asia Pacific’s biggest and best Masters Games would not be universally supported, but would ensure its survival, rather than its extinction

When faced with the reality of consequences revealed by the evaluation, our focus is to rebuild the event to offer a Pan Pacific Masters Games from Saturday 6 to Sunday 14 November 2021 and return as scheduled in November 2022.

Further details including a draft sports program will be released as soon as they are available.

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