Peter Ewing, 72, horsing around with Rohaven Parody.

Saturday 10 November

By Risa Utama

As the oldest Pan Pacific Masters Games equestrian competitor at 72, Dr Peter Ewing has a strong chance of winning gold despite competing against riders 20 years his junior.

At other events, the dressage front-runner is forced to participate alongside millennials so he’s relishing the age-based competition on offer at these games.

The retired dentist from Brisbane started riding in his forties, long in the tooth by dressage standards, after a family friend gifted him a ride, which he didn’t look in the mouth.

“The beauty of this event is competing against fellow novices of an older age,” Peter said.

“I usually have to compete against young riders who have been taught by a trainer on a good horse, when most people my age have trained themselves on an old, cheap horse.”

Peter has returned to greener pastures to compete in dressage at his fourth Pan Pacs on former racehorse, Rohaven Parody.

“Horse riding is about competing against oneself, you just want to ride better than previous times,” he said.

“I’m proud to have greatly improved since my last Pan Pacs.”

Even though Peter has been competing in dressage for 30 years, he still gets a kick out of the social spirit of the sport.

“I’m already looking forward to getting back in the saddle for the 2020 games because I love the camaraderie and community atmosphere,” he said.

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