Sibling Rivalry ready for three day fitness challenge, Cherise Walmsley and Dion Wamsley. Photo: Layla Murrihy

Thursday 8 November 2018

By Layla Murrihy

They call themselves ‘Sibling Rivalry’, and they are the ultimate fitness challenge duo.

Cherise Walmsley, 54, and her brother Dion, 52, are not only family, but are team mates wanting to test out their strength during the Pan Pacific Masters Games three-day fitness challenge.

Currently in the lead of the 50+ pairs division, they will complete a total of nine different workouts over the three days, varying from 5 to 16 minutes.

Cherise and Dion are ranked Australia’s top athletes in their respective divisions and together, they are almost unstoppable.

Just recently, the pair competed in the 2017 and 2018 World CrossFit Games in the United States, which Cherise said is equivalent to the Olympic Games for CrossFit.

“It is only the top 0.1% of CrossFitters who get into the games,” Cherise said.

As a team, they were crowned the 2017 overall 50-54 pair world champions.

Dion also competed individually in the same year, placing third out of the 7,000 competitors entered in his division.

Under the guidance of the ‘Grandfather of CrossFit’, Matt Swift, the Walmsleys began their journey in a shed but now run Cross Fit Kanga, their very own studio where they can inspire and encourage others to begin training for events such as the fitness challenge.

For Cherise, she not only loves how healthy her sport has allowed her to become but loves the sense of community which comes along with it.

“The beauty of CrossFit is that it is not elite, you cheer on the person coming first all the way to last, every achievement is different, but all get the same celebration,” Cherise said.

Dion also loves the community, excited to see the long-lasting friends they have made competing.

“We get to know a lot of the same people,” Dion said.

“It’s great to catch up with people from different states all around the country.”

Returning for the third time, Sibling Rivalry are eager to take away another gold medal title, just as they did in 2016.

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