1-2 Females seeking a Basketball Team

Sport: Basketball
Name: Hayley Weatherburn
Division: 40+ or 45+ (I will be 45)
Gender: Female

Hello there! I am an ex-basketballer who hasn’t played bball in a very long while, but absolutely miss it and would love to join a team for these games! Back in my day I trained with Basketball Australia so was good once (can’t promise anything now!)… 😆 I am back getting into shape and will start working on my ball skills again as soon as I can get a hoop up!

My friend is also an ex-team mate and she is amazing at defence – she is a maybe, so you could potentially have 2 of us? She’s in Sydney.

I live in Bali, Indonesia but will be heading to the games with some friends and really would love to play. I could potentially come back to Oz in July/Aug and meet the team I join so there are no complete surprises…

I am a guard due to my height 163cm and would love to just get back amongst it! Have some fun and some friendly competition and meet some new people.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hayley 🙂