Looking for beach volleyball partner

Sport: Beach Volleyball
Division: 55+ 0r 50+
Gender: Female

Looking for both female and male 55+ partner for 2 vs 2 beach voleyball. Idealy looking for someone 55+ but could also do 50+. Also available to play in a 4 vs 4 team mixed and/or men. I will be …..read more

Thunderducks 40+ looking for 2 extra players

Sport: Netball
Division: 40+ Div 2
Gender: Female

We are a competitive team, we love our netball and a bit of fun too! We are looking for experienced players to join us. Any positions at the moment and height would be a bonus! Please email me on melissa.jeffery@ …..read more

Want to dual play in a fast paced team?

Sport: Hockey
Division: 30+
Gender: Female

Looking for additional players to fill the squad. Maybe your friends entered a higher age bracket, but you still want to play. Our 30+ team is fast paced, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you are looking to dual …..read more

Looking for Females Football players, 40+, possibly 35+ Age Group

Sport: Football
Division: 40+, will consider 35+
Gender: Female

Seeking female players to join our outdoor football team, 40+ or will consider 35+ age group. Fun, friendly and possibly also slightly competitive bunch who all played together in our hey day in Canberra, but now we’re all over the …..read more

Softball 35+ Ladies Looking for Players

Sport: Softball
Division: 35+
Gender: Female

We are looking for some extra Ladies(4) to join us at the Masters. We are very competitive & love having a good time playing. Our team is called SAPPHIRES. We are from Sydney, if you would like to join us …..read more

Girls Just Want to have FUN

Sport: Basketball
Division: 50+ Div 2
Gender: Female

Hey everybody out there. If you or you know someone, we are looking for a couple of players in Ladies 50+ div 2. Our Wildcat guys have been playing Masters for years so we have now decided to join them. …..read more

Netball team looking for extra player 55+

Sport: Netball
Division: 55+
Gender: Female

Over 55+ W/A or centre Anyone wanting me to fill in please email caralyn56@gmail.com..read more

Mens Softball team looking for an Umpire

Sport: Softball
Division: 35+ Div 10
Gender: Female

Hi, Our umpire is not available this year, so we are on the look out of an new umpire. Male or female. We will pay for your registration and give you spending money, but that is negotiable. Thanks..read more

Lady Bowler Needed

Sport: Lawn Bowls
Division: 40+
Gender: Female

I am seeking a Lady bowler to partner me in the Mixed Pairs...read more

2 Ladies looking for a softball team

Sport: Softball
Division: 45+
Gender: Female

Hello, Delores and Myrna from Canada are looking to join a team in the Ladies 45+ Softball. We have played in many World Masters Games in Canada, Australia, Italy, and New Zealand. Myrna is a pitcher and a fielder, and …..read more