looking for a team to enjoy the world with

Sport: Football
Division: 50+, 55+ or 60+
Gender: Male

I am looking for a Football ( Soccer ) team to join and usually play outside left or right midfield .. I have been going to the Pan Pac’s since 2006 and have played for medal winning teams on 3 …..read more

Looking for a Team 50+ or Any team above 40+

Sport: Basketball
Division: 50+
Gender: Male

I am a 52 year old very fit player. Play guard. I am happy to play with any team above 40. I played at Masters last two tournaments and looking to join any team. Please contact me and happy to …..read more

Currently playing Masters at Carrara every Tues can play multiple positions.

Sport: Basketball
Division: 50+ Div 2
Gender: Male

6”1, 54yrs of age, live and play on the Gold Coast...read more

Looking for a 3×3 womens team!

Sport: 3x3 Basketball
Division: 40+ or 50+
Gender: Female

Hi, I am looking for a 3×3 basketball women’s team. I have played some 3×3 in the past year in addition to regular 5×5 basketball and really enjoy it. Please let me know if your team needs a player!..read more

Dragon Boat Chicky Babes!!

Sport: Paddling - Dragon Boat
Division: Snr A
Gender: Female

We are a new club based in Townsville….we have 6-7 gorgeous ladies looking forward to November fun and frivolity (serious on water of course!). If you are looking for a team, join us! OR….if you need extra’s in YOUR team, …..read more

Mens Hockey Team

Sport: Hockey
Division: 30+
Gender: Male

Hi my names Andy im currently seeking a 30+ Mens Hockey Team. Im from Papua New Guinea have played allot of international matches. Im very much interested in playing in a fast paced mens match in the Pan Pacific masters. …..read more

Netball team looking for extra player 55+

Sport: Netball
Division: 55+
Gender: Female

Over 55+ W/A or centre Anyone wanting me to fill in please email caralyn56@gmail.com..read more

2 Ladies looking for a softball team

Sport: Softball
Division: 45+
Gender: Female

Hello, Delores and Myrna from Canada are looking to join a team in the Ladies 45+ Softball. We have played in many World Masters Games in Canada, Australia, Italy, and New Zealand. Myrna is a pitcher and a fielder, and …..read more

Looking for a team to join

Sport: Softball
Division: Division 3 & below
Gender: Female

Hi, I am 47 female softball player who manly plays catcher but is a universal player in other positions. Looking for a fun team to join for the first time at Pan Pacs. Currently play 2 competitions in Melbourne in …..read more

Umpire looking for a team!!!

Sport: Softball
Division: any
Gender: Male

Softball umpire from ACT looking for a team to attend Pan Pacs with. Only expenses from Team will be accommodation and registration, keep in mind all is negotiable...read more