Seeking a Netball Team

Sport: Netball
Division: 35+
Gender: Female

Hi All, I am available to help fill a netball 35+ team. C/WA but could also play WD (I’m 5’4 so never really played as a shooter or defender!). I have played netball for many years (but not so much … more

Fun Sydney netball team

Sport: Netball
Division: 50+ Divison 2
Gender: Female

We are a fun bunch of 50+ Ladies from Sydney that need more players for our team. Any position is welcome. Please join our more

Hockey team place wanted

Sport: Hockey
Division: 50+ Women’s
Gender: Female

I’m looking for a 50+ hockey team to join. I’m determined striker and happiest scoring from Wing or CF, but won’t say no to a place in defence if required. I have no injuries so I’m looking forward to play … more

Seeking A Team To Fulfil A Dream

Sport: Volleyball
Division: 40+ But I am capable of playing 30+ division
Gender: Female

Hey. I am seeking to join a team, in hope to fulfil a dream of competing, I would be travelling up from Tassie, I dont mind which age bracket I play in, I currently play at my regular club & … more

4 ladies looking to join an indoor netball team.

Sport: Indoor Netball
Division: 55+
Gender: Female

I have 4 ladies looking to join an indoor netball team. We have 1 shooter, 2 centre court players and a more

Coming from New Zealand!

Sport: Basketball
Division: 60 or 65 plus
Gender: Female

I haven’t played in a few years and really missing the game! Need a motivation to get in the gym and train. I’m looking for a team I can support on the court and enjoy their company off it. Email … more

Happy to be bench players!

Sport: Basketball
Division: 65+ or 60+ women
Gender: Female

Two female players (one a guard and one a post/centre), a lot out of practice, looking to join a friendly team where we can play a supporting/bench role in giving the main players a few minutes well-deserved break now and … more

I can play…

Sport: Touch
Division: Over 50 women
Gender: Female

Looking for over 50 women’s social team to play Played for years I am fit…sort of and friendly more

Female looking for baseball team

Sport: Baseball
Division: 25+ or 35+
Gender: Female

Hi! I am am experienced softball player and recent baseball experience. Am looking to join a baseball team either in the 25+ or 35+ group. Am happy to play either all female or mixed. Have played 3rd base in baseball … more

Umpire looking for a team

Sport: Netball
Division: 50+ social
Gender: Female

I’m a 50+ National B badged Netball umpire looking for a team that needs an umpire. I’ve been going to the Pan Pacs since 2010 with a team however they are no longer more